Refresh your cabinets!

If your cabinets are outdated or looking worn and tired, you may be here looking to refresh them. There are several different approaches to updating your cabinets. Let’s go through a couple of your options:

Cabinet Refinishing:

Refinishing your cabinets is a great option if you are happy with your doors, drawer fronts, and trim. Whether you want to update your kitchen, bathrooms, or other built-ins, refinishing is a solid choice if you are happy with your current style and layout. We can even make small changes and adjustments to customize to your needs. For example, we can replace the drawers and hinges while keeping the fronts, and that update alone can make a world of difference in the everyday use of your space. Below are some photos of a kitchen and media center before (red stain) and after (cream paint) a refinish. The kitchen was updated with new drawers, glides, and hinges, and the media center mantle was modified to update the look.

Cabinet Refacing:

When we talk about refacing and resurfacing and refinishing, there can be some confusion as to what these actually mean. Refacing is more involved than a refinish project. On a cabinet refacing project, we remove and haul away all of your existing doors, drawers, hinges, glides, and moldings. We can make many adjustments and changes, including adding or removing cabinets, then we laminate the exterior surface of the cabinets with thermofoil laminate, acrylic, or prefinished wood veneer. We install new moldings, doors with soft close hinges, and drawers with soft close glides, and we can add a number of convenience features such as lazy susans, blind corner systems and trash container pull-outs. The end result is a kitchen, bath, or built-in with a completely new look. A reface project does not just freshen up the look of your cabinets, it changes it completely!

If you are looking to refresh your cabinets, or even if you’d like to explore building new custom cabinets, you should consider Caliber Woodcraft for your project. I have been working in cabinetry since 2004, and can tackle any cabinet project you have.

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