Custom Cabinets for a Laundry in Fullerton, CA

Our clients wanted to create a functional space for their laundry room that fit their style and taste. We designed this set of custom cabinets specifically for their needs. Caliber Woodcraft is a custom cabinet company that can work with your needs (and your budget) to design and fabricate cabinets that work for you.

After a discussion with our clients, we settled in on Fenix NTM material for the cabinet faces. Fenix NTM is an ultra matte surface that is “self-healing,” and can even be repaired to fix minor scratches. It has an extremely low sheen and a velvety feel.

We incorporated a built-in microwave drawer per client request, and loaded the tall cabinet with roll-out drawers for easy-to-access storage space.

All of our cabinetry is made custom to order with high quality domestic plywoods and materials. You get to choose every detail of your new cabinetry, without compromise. Call me today to talk about your next project!

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