Cabinet Refacing in Coto de Caza, CA

This cabinet refacing project in Orange County, CA resulted in a great transformation for this space, without changing the footprint of the kitchen. Unlike new custom cabinets, cabinet refacing can be done independently of the floors and the countertop, with very little to zero work requiredafter the cabinets. You may need only a little touch up paint.

That’s because with cabinet refacing company, we work with your existing cabinets to bring them back to life. All of the old doors and hinges, drawers and glides, and moldings will be removed. At this point, many modifications can be made to customize your space to reflect your preferences. For this project, we made several changes:

  • Converted two doors under the built-in microwave to a bank offour tall drawers.
  • The four drawer bank left of the stove was changed to a three drawer bank.
  • Two doors/drawers under the cooktop were changed to two, three drawer banks.
  • The waste system was replaced by a better unit and moved to a convenient location. 
  • The space from the old waste system was converted to a four drawer bank.
  • Two improvised cabinets on either side of the wine fridge were replaced with new cabinets.
  • The storage area over the hood was cleaned up and covered with doors.
  • The barely functional pantry storage was replaced with efficient roll-out drawers.

Once these modifications are completed, the cabinets are prepared for refacing. With plastic barriers in place and dust extraction systems running, your cabinets are sanded to create an appropriate surface for best adhesion. Laminates or veneers are adhered to your cabinets by our cabinet refacing company in lake forest, ca, then trimmed and filed by hand to completely encapsulate the outer surfaces of your cabinets. The list of materials that we can use for refacing is vast and includes everything from high-tech super matte 3d laminates to real wood veneers. 

After the refacing is complete, we install new moldings, often changing to something that better matches your new door style. Then new dovetailed drawer boxes are installed on undermount soft close glides. Doors are hung with soft close hinges. After some adjustments to the doors, we install your new cabinet hardware and clean up our work area. All in all the process usually takes only 4-5 days.

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