These three ideas should be your motto when you remodel your kitchen.

black kitchen with white oak floating shelves

When you begin remodeling your kitchen or other spaces you will search up a maelstrom of ideas. Save the ones you like for design inspiration, and make these three ideas your motto for your kitchen remodel design: the best designs avoid clutter, make bold statements, and reflect your personality.



black kitchen remodel with white oak floating shelves

Dual pantries provide plenty of space for kitchen items and ingredients.

Keeping clutter contained is an important part of a well-functioning kitchen. Dedicated pantry space with roll-out shelves are essential to a functioning kitchen. In this remodel in Whittier, CA, we use two pantry cabinets to utilize space availability. The white oak floating shelves keep the main work area open, while the pantries are the storage workhorses. The pantries each have roll-out shelves for easy access to everyday items.

white oak floating shelves

Floating shelves avoid clutter and keep the space feeling light and open.


White oak floating shelves not only display beautiful and frequently used items, but also keep the space feeling light. We love to add integrated lighting to really make them pop! They reflect your personal style with the items you display, and the choice of wood we use. We build them with white oak, walnut, cherry, maple, or dozens of other wood species using veneers or urban woods.


With veneers, we use rare and exotic woods to create completely custom looks that cannot be achieved with typically available lumber products.

Urban Woods

Urban woods are locally sourced and environmentally friendly, and include many species locally harvested around California such as Coast Live Oak, Redwood, Ash, Black Acacia, Black Walnut, Elm, Camphor, and many more. 


Color is a great way to make bold statements. Whether we use thermofoil or painted finishes, strong colors like blacknavy, and dark green are a great way to make your cabinetry speak. Here, black cabinets with brass pulls and a herringbone tiled floor lend a vibrancy to the time spent in the kitchen.

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