Custom makes a difference

When facing the sometimes massive budget required by a kitchen remodel, clients must often choose between options they want and options to rein in the budget. Custom cabinets often find themselves on the chopping block, as they can appear to be a luxury compared to pre-manufactured cabinets built overseas.

Whether you call them pre-made, pre-fab, or semi-custom, these cabinets are built with absolutely one thing in mind: price point. They are made with thinner plywood made from inferior material. The hardware (hinges & glides) are equal in their inferiority, and the drawer boxes typically last 2-5 years before those once acceptable dovetail joints begin to separate and fail.

Custom cabinets are more costly, yes. But they also provide peace of mind that your investment in your home will endure. Our cabinets are built with ¾” domestic plywood, doors and drawer fronts are built by a local, family-owned business. Drawers are sourced locally, the finish is sprayed locally, and hardware is top of the line, Italian-made with a lifetime warranty. You get not only peace of mind with excellent construction, but you also get the customization options that pre-fabs cannot provide. This means cabinets made to your exact specifications, no 3” increments, and no giant fillers to take up extra space. We can place roll-outs, waste systems, lazy Susans, blind corner units, utility or spice roll-outs, under cabinet and interior lighting, and more.

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